I offer three services:

Animal Communication

Animal Energy Healing/Animal Reiki

Lost Animals

Animal Communication
My fees for communicating with your animal are:

  • One Hour Session $85

To schedule a session, please do the following:
1. Contact me to schedule your session.
2. Email me your questions and—if you wish—a photo of your animal.
3. Pay the session fee in advance.
4. Call me at your appointed session time.

Animal Energy Healing/Animal Reiki
I have developed my own style of animal energy healing that found its first basis in Reiki. Yes, I am a Reiki Master, but I have also studied other forms of energy healing and have blended several techniques into my own practice.

An animal energy healing session lasts sixty minutes. The work can be done with the animal present, or remotely. I also communicate with the animal during the hour-long session and report back to you what she or he wants you to know. My fees for animal energy work are:

  • One Hour Session $85

To schedule a session, please do the following:
1. Contact me to arrange a session.
2. Pay the session fee in advance.
3. At the appointed time I’ll perform an energy healing session on your animal either in person or remotely.
4. After the healing session is complete, I’ll contact you to discuss how the session went and next steps, if any,

Lost Animals
Losing an animal is one of the most difficult experiences you will go through. Please know that animals are lost for many reasons, and it is not always possible to get them back. Nor can we always get conclusive information on what has happened to them. However, I have had success in bringing lost animals home, and I’ll work with you to achieve the best outcome we can.

I charge one flat fee for working on a lost animal case. This covers up to one hour of time connecting with your lost animal and speaking with you by phone.

  • Lost Animal Consultation $35 donation to animal charity of your choice

To schedule a lost animal case, please do the following:
1. Call me to schedule your lost animal consultation.
2. Email me a photo of your animal, the date and time she was last seen, and the address and zip code of where she was last seen. If you live outside the US, send me a Google Earth bookmark with this information.
3. Pay the donation in advance.

We’ll work together to try to bring you resolution and peace of mind. Nonetheless, please be advised:

There are no guarantees with Lost Animal work.


I accept PayPal payments and personal checks. There is a $30 fee for all returned checks.
All payments are final.

Send your PayPal payment to:

Upon contacting me, I will provide you the address you can mail your check to.